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With a home base in Florida, my passion for photography began with the purchase of my first rangefinder film camera.  Primarily self-taught, I have over 30 year's experience in photography.  For several years I focused on documentary and event photography but moved away from that medium and now consider myself a photographic generalist.  There is a simple reason for this; I enjoy the challenge that comes with being exposed to various types of photography.  In fact, I believe it enhances my photographic skills and creativity.

My photographic goals and vision encompass three basic concepts:

1) To inspire and evoke emotion from a person viewing my images.

2) To produce an image that depicts an accurate and natural looking representation of a subject, or best represents my creative vision.

3) To create artistic, timeless, and  technically excellent works of art.

I strive to ensure all the elements of subject, light, shadow, timing and composition are in harmony at the perfect moment to capture the mood and essence of a scene.  

I shoot solely in RAW format because it allows me total control over image quality.  Therefore,  adjustments are almost always needed, but  I  try to keep these to a minimum. Adjustments, if needed, may be as simple as removing a distracting object from a scene, or cropping an image to create more impact or improve composition. I might also enhance the sharpness, color and contrast of an image or convert a color image to monochrome.

There are a few occasions when I use more complex, creative techniques that I feel are necessary to meet my artistic goals and vision.  I hope it will be fairly obvious to a viewer if such techniques have been applied to an image.  Although I have not done so thus far, if I happen to combine one or more elements from multiple images into a single image, I will not present it to you as an original, unmodified image.  

I hope you will enjoy viewing my work, but I understand my images may not suit everyone's personal style or taste.  


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